Women on the Move 4 Christ Ministries was established in October 2008 by Nerina Smith, a business woman from Cape Town, who is also involved in the hospitality industry.

In 1997 the Lord gave her a prophecy that He is going to use her in a Women’s Ministry, ministering to women all over South Africa and abroad.

From 2006 to 2008 Nerina served as Vice-President of King’s Daughters of Excellence, together with Past. Rina Kinnear. Her passion is to talk to women about their self-image, how to set goals and fulfill their dreams, how to grow spiritually as a woman of God, hospitality and inner/outer beauty

Nerina established Women on the Move Ministries, after attending women’s conferences in Mexico and Texas. Whilst there, God gave word to her from Mat. 28:19,20 “go back and teach the women of SA the values as I have taught you. Two weeks later, back in SA, this word was confirmed. God also said: You’re going to run like a lion with your ministry.

The ministry ‘moves’ all over South Africa and other countries in Africa.

The main purpose is to be involved in underprivileged areas, where we mentor and provide help to the community through various projects.

We have a vibrant team,  consisting of women from different positions in society:

Ps. Nerina Smith – CEO

Nerina received several AWARDS and served on the board of various organizations over the past years:

♥ 1995 nominated as Business Woman of the Year in the Western Cape.
♥ 1995 – 2005 served on the S.A. Council for Business Women,
♥ Executive member of the Cape Town branch,
♥ Executive Committee of the National Board.
♥ 2010 Ordained through FCCA-Intl.
♥ 2011 Elected as director on the board of Deaf Friendly.
♥ 2016 EOY Finalist for Business Partners and Sanlam.
♥ Author of the book: “Reis na Oorwinning”

Arlene Brink – Director

Arlene Brink is Nerina’s daughter. She is the Managing Director of Smithland Guest Apartments which she own together with her mum. If somebody is looking for info on a certain issue or subject, she is the one to ask – the ‘walking Google’.

Arlene has a passion for people in need and therefor is the right candidate to be a director of Women on the Move Ministries.

Together with her husband, Anton Brink, radio presenter at Radio Tygerberg, they make a magnificent team. Family time is very important for this couple.

Mina Deyesel – Director

Mina Deyesel has been working for the Smith family for the last 24 yrs. She started working as a cleaner and today she is the Chief of Front Management at Smithland, an example of our strive to empower women to the highest level they can achieve.

Belinda Jones-Utesch – Director

Coming from a Sotho/Coloured background, knowing what the struggles is that women in disadvantaged background have to fight to become educated and support their families, Belinda was the ideal choice to serve as Director in the organisation. She held a Honnors in Phycology as well as in Theology and is busy with her Masters in Theology. Belinda have a testimony of overcoming several obstacles in her life, making her the strong person she is today.

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