The main aim of the ministry is to have conferences as well as motivational speeches at tea functions and breakfast meetings.

The ministry ‘moves’ all over South Africa and has also been fortunate enough to minister in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and Kenya


While attending a conference on “The King’s Daughter”, by Diana Hagee from Cornerstone Church in Texas, USA, the Lord gave Nerina a prophesy to ‘go and teach them to observe all things as He has taught her’

Exactly a year later, one of the conference attendees stated that the Lord showed her that Nerina was teaching them to prepare for the table of the Lord and to prepare as brides for the coming of the King!!  She was in tears as this was confirmation of what was profited.

At one conference there was a lady, who at that stage, was part of the leadership of the church.  At the end of the event she testified that she still had a lot to be thankful for. Despite the fact that her husband was an alcoholic, he never became brutal with her while under the influence.  She realized that she still has value in God’s eyes and He has chosen her to be useful toHim!! Although she did not have a lot to share, she could use her gift of hospitality, by taking the ministry team into her house, giving them accommodation for the duration of the conference.

Six years later, on my way to Namibia, I stopped over in her hometown and decided to pop in at her house. She told us that she resigned the leadership to spent more time with her husband.  We received the amazing news that her husband stopped drinking!  Miracles still happen!!

At another conference, while speaking on the topic of inner beauty, one of the ladies who attended the conference noticed the lovely outfit, which was hanging on a stand in the hall and wished that she had money to buy it.  During the conference, Nerina did a

Make-over session and called thisparticular woman to the front, telling her that the outfit isa gift forher.Sheburstout in tearsand told usthat she is sure of the fact that she is an Apple of God’s eye.

This is what God do – He take a woman who is a non-entity to themselves and crown her as a daughter of the King.

We as God’s workers in the Kingdom do not want any credit for this. We are a mouthpiece to use in doing His Work.  All glory to Him who empowered us to “Go and tell the Nations.”


After attending above course with speaker Diana Haggee, Past. Nerina felt the urge to present a similar course to the South African women, called “Renew”.  There is such a big need for teaching women ‘spiritual life skills’ and this course is the perfect answer. The course runs over a period of 4 – 5 weeks, twice a week.


The FIRST “Renew” Course was attended by a group of women from Delft, Cape Town in 2013. They were sponsored by Smithland Guest Apartments,  with a three bedroom house for one night. The ladies were checked in and served with a luncheon.

They all received a certificate for attending the course.  A movie night, show “One night with the King” take place. The next morning all ate breakfast at the Spur, before departing home. Liz Arendse, the original spokesperson of the group said that these women are still talking about this event, after all these years.

The Renew course’s subjects include:

*Princess in the King’s palace; *You are the apple of God’s eye; *Your road to better relationships; *Hygiene;*Stewardship; *Finances; *The 10 commandments; *I’m not ashamed of the Gospel; *The Holy Ghost and me; *Reach for your dream; *Receive the Favor of God.

At the end of the course, a certificate ceremony is held together with a high tea. The attendances wear graduation gowns and each lady receives a crown, as well as a certificate of attendance. Special prices are also given to women who exalted during the course.

The SECOND group pictured at Fountain Community Church in Ravensmead. We overheard beautiful testimonies from women who were unemployed at that stage, ALL of them are in the workplace at this stage.  We believe they first had to follow this course to be better equipped for their jobs. 


This class of March 2017 just finished the “Renew” Course and are moving forward to an “Advanced Course” – a FIRST for RENEW. In this particular group was TWO ladies who experienced the joy of FORGIVENESS and both are REUNITED with family members since they attended the course.  PRAISE GOD for RESTORATION.

Tannie Dora het, nie lank na hierdie plegtigheid ‘n beroerte gehad – ons is so bly dat sy nog in staat was om hierdie kursus te kon doen.


“Where’s my Pillow”

Because of the high unemployment rate in South Africa it is very difficult for non-skilled people to get jobs.  Therefore we aim to EQUIP women through job-creation programmes, as well as skills development.  At the moment we empower the women through sewing projects and out of this a brand new “company” saw the light. 

“Where’s my Pillow” had it’s humble beginning through a need for luxury, affordable pillows for hospitality industry.  We saw the possibilities of making our own pillows for the industry and thereby fill a

in the market, in the same way creating job opportunities, for making as well as selling the pillows … and it is a winner!

“Pillows 4 Elders” 

While WOMEN on the MOVE were giving out Christmas gifts to old age homes in our area, we were shocked to see how many elders did not have a pillow to sleep on 😢. Since we launched this project we were able to deliver 1000 pillows to two different homes in the Northern Suburbs, as well as disaster relief in the Knysna and Wupperthal area, during the devastating fires in the area, where many people lost their properties and valuables


“The Lillibet Project”

In April 2019, Elizabeth Loock, a well-known acquaintance of Nerina, posted on a sewing group on Facebook (Sewing Hints),  about someone who approached her, regarding a pattern for ‘green’ sanitary towels, as well as for instructions on how to make it. Elizabeth asked the members of the group for help, regarding this request. Immediately some ladies offered to help, manufacturing ‘green’ sanitary pads and sent it to Kenya. The question was: “How are we going to get it there?” Our CEO  immediately reacted, telling the ladies that Women on the Move are prepared to go to Kenya, taking sanitary towels, as well as sewing accessories to two villages.  As an act of honour, we decided to name the project after Elizabeth – “The Lillibet Project”. Through this project, another job-creation possibility for a permanent overseer in ‘The Sewing Room’, was created. 💃💃💃. By the grace of God we got a sponsor to pay this lady’s wages.

Our first outreach take place in August 2019.  As our core values include TRAINING women SKILLS, we had pleasure, doing SKILLS TRAINING with the women in Kenya, on how to manufacture sanitary towels.  This outreach was super successful, yet filled with many heart-wrenching moments seared in my heart forever. We received a warm welcome in the village after the gruelling trip from Nairobi to Nakuru. A 180 km journey on dark, dangerous roads, not to mention the rain and reckless drivers took us 6 hours. After much trouble finding our accommodation for the night, we finally arrived and could rest up for the next day. Directions in finding your way in developing nations definitely have multiple layers of learning curves and nuances, but we made it!

One hundred women gathered the first day on an open field in the blistering African sun, where we introduced the sanitary sets and taught them how to manufacture them locally.

My colleague, Muriel, asked one of the young women present, to volunteer to try out the product since she was in the middle of her cycle; a beautiful, neat, clean young girl, but without any protection whatsoever against the flow a young developing woman experience. Unthinkable, but this is not an exception in that village for women to live through monthly periods filled with dread. Muriel  was in tears and overwhelmed as she walked back from the nearby outhouse. The young girl was so happy that she immediately shared her sanitary kit with another girl. It shows how great the need is. Something so seemingly small and insignificant is a life-changer for innumerable young girls in Kenya, as well as in many developing nations all over the world.


We left them with a manual sewing machine they put to use only days after we left. A group of 11 women came together to start manufacturing and distributing the sets.  In a nearby village, Eldoret, we donated another sewing machine where the women already trained more women from two other villages how to manufacture sets for distribution in their regions.     Picture 6    We also connected them with Maimon Ajema, the newly elected president of Women on the Move Ministries in Kenya.

A young woman in Kenya committed suicide one day after school as a result of a teacher humiliating her in front of everyone by calling her dirty and smelly because she had no protection or means to stay clean during her monthly period. She killed herself. There seemed to be no other way for her to deal with the degradation and dilemma she had to live through every thirty days. Many young girls in that country simply stay away from school for the duration of their period to avoid the shame caused by a lack of sanitation, running water, or protective wear.

Maimon as well as her team visited this village, after this said incident  and distributed sanitary wear to some of the women, promising them to come back and teach them on how to make it themselves.

Back home, we have since trained a group of women in Ravensmead who will make and take sanitary sets with them to Malawi in January. PICTURE  7  My challenge to them is I will donate a set for every set they make and take.

We are about to conduct more training sessions in production of these sets to groups of women from West, North, and East Cape. We will provide free accommodation and meals for three days during training. They have to find their own transportation, which I’m expecting they will move heaven and earth to make it happen.

We plan to visit Uganda in May 2020, together with Africa Missions and will also arrange to do training there.